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The co-operative banking system of Travancore can be traced back to 1914. In 1914, the then Maharaja of Travancore, his highness The Moolam Thirunal Ramavarma, by his proclamation introduced the “Travancore Co-operative Societies Regulation Act”. Under the Act, the first cooperative society in travancore- The Trivandrum Central Cooperative Bank - was registered in the year 1915. Later, in 1943, the Trivandrum central Co-operative  bank was converted into the ‘Travancore Central Cooperative Bank’ with a federal character, for the entire Travancore State. In 1949, the Travancore and Cochin state were integrated and thereby Travancore Cochin State was formed. At that time Travancore Co-operative Societies Act 1914 was applicable to the Travancore state and Cochin Co-operative Societies Act 1913 was applicable to Cochin State. In order to integrate the co-operative laws the Travancore Cochin Co-operative Societies Act 1951 came into force with effect from 01.09.1952 . This was applicable to the entire Travancore, Cochin state and old Acts were replaced. Then the Travancore central Co-opearative Bank was reorganized as a state co-operative Bank for Travancore cochin state in 1954. After the formation of Kerala State  in 1956, State Co-operative Bank for Travancore cochin state was transformed to Kerala State Co-operative Bank  to cater the needs of farmers and cultivators in various parts of the state. Then Branches of Kerala state were opened in Trivandrum, Kollam and Alappuzha in 1957.

            The Second Five-Year Plan (1956-1961), emphasized “building up a cooperative sector as part of a scheme of planned development” as being one of the central aims of National Policy. Co-operative Movement in the country was received a boost during this period and formation of District Central Co-operative Banks were envisaged. Subsequently Alleppey Branch of Kerala State Co-operative Bank converted to Alleppey District Co-operative Bank Ltd No.4310 which was registered under Kerala Co-operative Societies Act X of 1952 with effect from 31.07.1959 and started functioning from 01.09.1959 with its headquarters at alappuzha. Area of operation of the bank was confined to Alappuzha District Only.  180 primary co-operative societies and 6 individuals were members of the Bank. At its inception, bank had share capital of 1.67 lakhs, deposit of Rs.53000 and loan from apex bank of Rs.11.27 lakhs . Thus the initial working capital of the bank was 13.47 lakhs. The establishment of Alappuzha district Co-operative bank  was a great step towards financing of advances to needy cultivators at low interest rate. Agricultural loans are channeled through affiliated primary co-operatives in the district which was a real achievement of the bank.

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