Major Deposit schemes offered by ALAPPUZHA DCB are

♦ Meant for traders, business concerns, and local bodies. 
♦ Unlimited transactions allowed
♦ Cheque book facility available
♦ ATM Facility all over India available

♦ Meant to encourage habit of savings 
♦ Interest paid on daily balance
♦ ATM Facility all over India available

♦ Deposits accepted for a specific period (minimum 15days – maximum 10years)
♦ Nomination facility available
♦ High return on investment
♦ Re-investment facility available
♦ Interest is paid at a rate higher than other deposit schemes
♦ Premature closure of deposit allowed subject to penalisation 
♦ TDS Applicable


     ♦ Compound interest paid on quarterly rest.
     ♦ All other conditions same as to fixed deposits

♦ Deposit amount in multiples of Rs.10
♦ Period of deposit from one year to 10 years
♦ Interest is paid at the rate applicable to fixed deposits
♦ Defaulted installments will be penalised

♦ A deposit scheme which combines the benefits of savings deposit scheme and fixed deposit scheme
♦ No penalisation on closure of fixed deposits
♦ For amount kept as buffer limit, interest is paid at the rate applicable to savings deposit 
♦ For amount kept above buffer limit, interest is paid at the rate applicable to fixed deposit for period of

♦ Aimed to make available basic banking facilities accessible to vast sections of population as part of FINANCIAL INCLUSION PROJECT 
♦ Only nominal amount required to open an account
♦ ATM Facility available all over India

♦ Designed to encourage the habit of savings in small traders, daily wage earners, and housewives. 
♦ Interest rate applicable is higher than the savings deposit.
♦ Premature closure allowable with conditions.

Various types of other deposit schemes are also available at your choice to satisfy your day to day needs.