Individual LOAN


Short Terms loans provided to affiliated Agricultural Credit Co-operatives in the district to disburse loans to agriculturists for agrcultural purpose for a period of less than one year

Medium terms loans are provided to Co-operatives for a period of 3 year to 5 year.

Long Term Loans issued to co-operatives to disburse long term loans according to the policies of the society. Societies can utilise long term loans to disburse loans for various long term purposes such as construction of wells, tube wells, Land reclamation, Rubber cultivation, Coconut cultivation, Fish Culture etc. 

Ordinary Loans are issued to co-operatives for disbursement of Non- agricultural loans to their members 

Development Loans issued to Co-operatives to meet their financial needs  for infrastructual development of the society. Under this, Loans issued by the bank for construction of Godown, Renovation of Building, Purchase of Iron Safe/Locker, Modification of Counters, Erection of Strong Room Etc. for a period of 5 years

Overdraft/ Cash Credit  facility is also available to primary co-operatives, Coir Co-operatives, Handloom Co-operatives etc. from bank subject to the conditions of the bank. In case of Gold Overdrafts, there is a condition that societies should withdraw 75% of limit sanctioned for the period. If the withdrawal is not made upto the level, 2 % commitment charge is recovered on the unused portion of the limit sanctioned. Short term overdrafts also sanctioned to societies to meet their urgent financial needs during festival seasons such as onam, christmas etc to start FESTIVAL FAIR MARKETS.

Project loans are issued to co-operatives on the basis of long term viable projects submitted by the societies. The projects should be feasible and are helpful to overall upliftment of the society.